Goode Times Events is the first, the best, and the last word for your mobile DJ, Master of Ceremonies, and all related needs. When you see this brand, this is the standard set for the highest quality entertainment.  Goode Times Events will utilize specialized equipment designed to fill a large hall without distortion and will have a large range of professional sound and lighting equipment providing the ideal setup. Who needs professional equipment when you can just play the music from your regular speakers, that fuzzy noise as the speakers are at their top volume adds to the atmosphere of the party. They can also troubleshoot technical issues seamlessly and adjust volume levels between speakers, music, and microphones easily. Technical difficulties, poor sound quality, harsh feedback and extreme differences in volume from song to song disrupts the flow killing the party atmosphere.

Goode Times Events has a huge selection of music and we can adjust to the mood of the crowd immediately. Sure, there is YouTube with very low quality which can be heard over loud speakers, then there is Spotify, adverts are great to hear in the middle of the party every few songs. A good DJ’s job is to read the crowd and keep them dancing. They can also give you tips on dance floor set up, volume for different phases of the night, and the music flow for a party. They’re there to make the party happen, and the best ones are very, very good at it.