There’s nothing like an outdoor movie night to bring together families, friends or employees for a feel-good experience and old-fashioned fun in Atlanta.

Call Goode Times and we will arrange your movie night in the park, yard or parking lot of your choice.  We provide all you need to put on a show –- a huge screen, audio-visual equipment, lights –- and a friendly technician to make sure the show goes on without a hitch.

Sit back and call yourself Mr. Hollywood or Ms. Hollywood while we take care of the details.  It’s certainly an outside-the-box event that people will remember for fun and entertainment.  Goode Times, a professional entertainment company based in Atlanta, has been in the business on making people happy since 2003, so you can count on us to make sure you “reel them in” with your idea.

Call now and let us bring the movie to you.

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Outdoor Movie Nights for Team Building in Atlanta

Companies can use our outdoor movies to increase friendships and collegiality among employees. They’re also a nice way to show your appreciation to employees and build a team culture.  Think how much money you spend to recruit and train new employees. This will help you retain valuable employees and give your company great reviews with jobseekers.

Atlanta outdoor Movie Nights

An outdoor movie also is a great way for neighborhoods, organizations, schools or businesses to regroup after the anguish and suffering caused by COVID-19.  Every kid-at-heart wants to say, “Let’s put on a show.” With Goode Times, you can do just that, and not have to monkey around with projectors and sound equipment.

We take care of all that, plus we can even provide a popcorn machine and a photo booth that will be great entertainment before and after the show.  An outdoor movie will be a new experience for many people, while boomers will reminisce about going to drive-in movie theaters in the family station wagon.

Movies are magic, and you can have that magic in your own outdoor theater!

Goode Times Events knows how to party that is fully Covid-19 Compliant

Our company is your full-service entertainment choice. We provide mobile disc jockeys, wedding and event planners and coordinators skilled at making happenings memorable.  We have excellent audiovisual equipment -– amps, lights and props –- and our experienced technicians can adapt everything to work smoothly in just about any venue.

We know your time is precious, so we respond promptly to emails, calls or texts to answer your questions and keep communications open.  We can custom-make this outdoor movie event to suit your wishes. You simply have to say, “Lights! Camera! Action!”

Get your show on the road! Call today:

Office: 770-521-1121

Mobile: 404-574-3520

Both numbers accept your text!