Love is in the air. Celebrate Valentines with a Goode Times Event in Metro Atlanta

Pink and red will be the color of the day and is every Valentine’s Day.  Who doesn’t want to celebrate the day and ask, “Will you be my Valentine?”

Remember when you were a kid and prepared for class and along with your fellow students and passed out Valentine’s Day cards and candies?  Well, on this year’s special day when you either ask someone to be your Valentine or maybe have one already there are plenty of ways to celebrate and you will be sure to feel like a kid again.

With Goode Times not only do we follow CDC guidelines to keep your loved ones safe during Covid-19 but we also offer event ideas with the best event coordinators in the area.

Whether it is a cozy get together for two or eight we can make it extra special.  If you are having people for dinner, we will provide you the best backdrop and spin the music of l’amour with our premier DJs and the entire occasion can be dressed in pink and red.  Now that is the ticket!

Here are some easy ideas to “take it there” and economically.
How about paper pink napkins shaped as a rose or pink and red tulips in a vase with white, red, and pink M&M candies cradling the tulips?  What a nice look in a clear glass vase.

Don’t forget the strawberries and chocolates. Or perhaps a Valentine’s Cocktail served in a chilled Martini glass.

The options are endless.  Let’s push forward and make it a great year.  Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to remind us of the love in our hearts and for others.   Contact us today at Goode Times Events and we will get the ball rolling.

Goode Times Events

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Ask around the Atlanta area. Goode Times communicates clearly and quickly, returning emails, text and phone calls fast–because you don’t need extra stress when you’re planning a party.   And we show up on time! Because who wants to hold up a wedding reception waiting for a late DJ–or spoil anyone’s speeches because equipment was set up too fast?   Call or text us at (770) 521-1121. Or email us here. And get your outdoor party started.

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